Best toilet brushes for your home

While owning a house is not a big deal nowadays, maintaining it and keeping it clean and sound surely is. In this fast-moving modern world, it gets really difficult to clean and maintain the space you live in. Because of the tight work schedule, it is not possible to take out time to do the fundamental cleaning of the house. While cleaning rooms and passages of the house can still be easy, because of vacuum cleaners and other machines, cleaning a toilet can become a real headache. We use toilets multiple times in a day so it is very important that we use the best toilet brush we can find! Someone has said that, ‘clean your toilets where you excrete all the food waste, like you clean the table you eat your food on’.

Cleaning toilets is really important and if not done perfectly, can cause many diseases. Many kinds of bacteria start breeding in an unclean toilet which can cause real harm to your internal organs. Keeping all the diseases and ailments apart, the foul smell can itself cause many problems. You don’t want to smell your waste after you have excreted it! Also, you don’t want you guests to smell that! This why cleaning becomes a real must for your toilet. Now cleaning can’t be done without proper equipments. You have to have proper toilet cleaning brushes in order to make your toilet smell-free and clean. While there are myriads of toilet cleaning brushes available in the market, finding the best one for your toilet is important.

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Best toilet cleaning brushes

  • Interdesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush– this is the perfect brush for your house as it comes with a holder in which you can keep the brush and protect it from rusting. With sharp bristles, this brush can get to the corners and clean impeccably.
  • Lysol bowl brush- this is also a great brush for cleaning your toilet. The bristles come with antimicrobial properties and can remove all bacterias and odour. This brush also comes with a caddy set which means it is easy to store and the dirty head of the brush can be hidden inside the caddy.
  • OXO hideaway compact toilet brush- this brush comes with a protective canister which has pores in it. That means when you store this brush after cleaning, because of the air coming in from the pores, it’ll dry in no time. Also, it comes with nice and stiff bristles which can remove all the hidden stains and bacterias.