Chapman Medical Center features six operating room suites, which were remodeled in 1995 to offer some of the latest in surgical technology.

Our surgical suites are equipped with advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment, called BIS. BIS monitoring enables our anesthesiologists to accurately track a patient’s level of consciousness during surgery. This is accomplished by placing a sensor on the forehead to read brain waves, which allows the anesthesiologist to make the necessary adjustments so the patient remains sedated during surgery.

The result is that by accurately administering the precise amount of drug for each patient, more predictable wake-up times after surgery and faster patient recovery from anesthesia are observed.

The surgical suites at Chapman Medical Center are also used for same-day outpatient surgery. Outpatient surgery patients undergo pre- and post-operative care in a separate area specifically designed for the needs of single-day patients.

For more information on the surgery services at Chapman Medical Center, please call (714) 633-0011 x 1200.