There are more preparations to make for bathing a dog than you do while washing other animals or even humans. Lots of things must be arranged beforehand. The best way to wash a dog is to get things needed during the bathing handy well in advance. And for that you will have to arrange the items which you need for the washing session.

Things to keep handy to wash a dog

  • Dog shampoo would be the first thing to keep handy make sure you have the best dog shampoo ready to go. You will need it to form a nice lather, give the dog a relaxing body massage with forming the lather and rinsing, and will really help clear the coat and free it from allergens, dust and dirt, mites and body odor.
  • When you are finding the best way to wash a dog then look for bathing tools that helps loosen the ready to fall dog hair from the coat. They are of great use. Keep one close to rinse the coat so that the loosened hair collects inside the tub instead of later shedding everywhere.
  • Clogging the ears with cotton balls is a great idea to avoid water getting in. You should arrange beforehand some cotton for this and tuck them in the ears of the pup.
  • Brushing the dog, both before and after a bath is a healthy practice. While most people would brush after a bath, many don’t know the importance of pre-bath brushing. When you do this you let all tangles, mats, and dirt in the coat out. Once the coat is wet you won’t be able to do this.
  • There are eye creams to stop the eyes of the dog from getting teary. You can keep one aside and apply before wetting the dog.
  • Using 3 towels for bathing the dog is the best way to wash a dog. One towel should be set at the base of the tub so that the poor thing does not lose grip and slip and skid in the wet tub. Moreover with that support the dog will be able to dig in its toes and ease some of the tension and discomfort of bathing. The second towel helps you avoid getting wet when the dog shakes its body or shivers after getting wet. You can wrap this second towel around its body. The third one is to get the dog dry after washing.
  • Using warm water and filling the tub beforehand are two great tips among the best way to wash a dog. It reduces the tension of the pup.